Let's Connect: A Conversation Chain


We are back in the swing of things here—getting a bit of our school groove back after a laid-back, unstructured summer. I love the casual days of summer, but I also really enjoy bringing back a little more structure and intentionality into our days. I’ve been enjoying all the back-to-school photos popping up on my social media feeds, and it feels like everyone is excited to return to more steady rhythms :)

At the same time, suddenly the calendar can look a little busier and new commitments seem to rob the calendar of any white space. Somehow, those lazy summer days that were just last week seem like ages ago.

So, let’s all take a deep breath.

I wanted to create a little something for you (and for me!) to use with your kids during this season of new starts and busier schedules. It’s an easy resource to use to connect as a family—and hopefully have a little fun too!

Life does get a little more complicated with a busy baby ;)

Life does get a little more complicated with a busy baby ;)

It’s simply a chain of questions. Pull one off during breakfast, morning time, supper, on the way to school…(whenever your family is together), and have everyone answer the question or do the activity. It takes two minutes—but it’s two minutes to connect :)


Plus, it’s super easy to download, print, and put together (and free to boot!)

Happy September, friends!