Celebrating THREE years!


Recently, I heard my youngest son cooing in his crib at 5:30. He often gets up early and then falls back asleep while I nurse him, so I secretly hoped he would so I could sneak downstairs for some quiet, a left-over scone, and coffee. Plus, maybe I could write the last newsletter and finish it up before everyone was up for the day.

But, he didn't go back to sleep. In fact, when I put him back in his crib, he popped up, smiled, and had that happy twinkle in his eye that I just can't resist.

I pulled him out, readjusted by morning's expectations, and went to make some coffee.

He played, and I sipped and scribbled out a grocery list. About twenty minutes later, my second son rushed down the stairs--a little groggy and frumpy, but (thankfully) happy and ready for his morning cereal.

The work time and the quiet I had hoped for disappeared. This is far from the first I've had to readjust my expectations. Sometimes, they get readjusted quickly and, well, sometimes the process is a little more haphazard ;) But with the perspective of "mom first, shop owner second," it's usually a smoother ride.

I'm finding that as a mom and shop owner the balance of doing, being, working, creating, and mothering is a tricky one at best. I don't always do it well, but I'm learning and finding a rhythm as I go. There are mornings I wake up early to design without interruption, they are quiet times that I'm writing emails and content instead having my own downtime, and there are many evenings that are dedicated to working on the newest projects and designs. Don't worry--there are also evenings for watching The Great British Baking Show and snuggling with my hubby ;)

It's full. But it's so good because there are are so many "whys" that propel me forward.

Here are some of my "whys" that keep me at it:
-- To keep feeding kids through Feed My Starving Children
-- To show my kids that creativity can be used and shared with others
-- To learn more skills (and be an example to my kids that you can try new things)
-- To make engaging and encouraging resources for other families to enjoy
-- To have a creative outlet during this season of very "hands-on" mothering ;)
-- Ultimately, to use the gifts God has given me to give Him glory

Whether you are running a side hustle or making dinner, our whys can shift our hearts from duty to worship or from annoyance to joy, can't they?

As I celebrate three years of Color + Kindness, I wanted to just say "thank you" for your support of this little shop. I truly am so thankful that you are here. YOU make it so much easier for me to keep at it, to savor those quiet mornings of creating, to push myself to take more risks and learn more skills, to be generous, and to keep working hard to bring content to the table that will bless you and your family. Thank you.

Truly. You’re the best.

Have a good one friends! And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram or get the newsletter to keep up with fun sales, deals, and freebies :)

**Ps. If you get the newsletter, it might feel like you’ve read this. Know why? Because you probably have if you’ve been a subscriber for a few months ;) But, I thought these words summed up so much of my feelings about celebrating three years of Color + Kindness, so I thought I’d share these thoughts on the blog too :) **