A Nature Walk Through Psalms

nature walk through psalms

Friends, we are finally unthawing up here in Minnesota. The temperatures are steadily rising, the snow has melted back into the earth, and the sunshine is breathing in fresh life. Our boots are are muddy and our eyes a little watery from the crisp air, but we are loving being outdoors a little more each day.

As we explore and spend more time outside, I thought it would fun to add a little nature doodling and observation to our routine. I love how much the Psalms talk about nature—both in how God is the Creator and also how nature encourages us to look up and worship the Creator. So, during the last few weeks, I’ve chipped away a little design project—a very simple nature journal that you and your child can use to observe nature through the lens of Psalms.


I imagine kiddos sitting outside and doodling clouds while you chat about how God’s love and faithfulness reaches to the clouds. Maybe your kiddo isn’t into drawing stuff, then maybe ask them to describe it to you and you write it down (or if they are older, they can write it down). Of course, don’t just stick with a pencil—let them use watercolors, colored pencils, paper, photography (how fun would it be to let them take pictures and then get them printed!?), paint, or markers.


I wanted to keep the design super simple so that you can adapt it however you’d like. Maybe you print it and make staple it into a little book. Maybe you do each page individually, laminate them, and then make into a book. Or maybe you hang or tape each page up the wall and create a display. I can’t wait to see what you do!

However you use it, I hope it blesses your family and gives you yet another opportunity to share about our Creator with your kids in an everyday way.

Have a good one, friends!