Let's Get Sentimental + Mushy (A Cheesy Free Valentine's Resource for Couples)

When Josh and I started dating in 2007, it was during the dark ages before smart phones and easy texting were a thing. Facebook was still an internet baby and Instagram didn’t exist. And since I was living in Minnesota and he was in Texas, we communicated via lengthy, late night chats and long, sappy love letters. When we had the chance to hang out in person (which wasn’t often during our long-distance dating relationship), we smooched at red lights (and told ourselves we always would) and danced to Michael Buble in the candlelight after a fancy dinner.

And somewhere between 2007 and 2019, much that romance got buried under years of finishing school, three babies, late-night feedings, mounds of diapers, the daily grind, yoga pants, and paying bills.

Maybe you can relate?


So, a few years ago, I created this little resource to help spark some of those sappy, gushy feelings and reconnect with your spouse.


These worksheets really are fun, gloriously cheesy, and definitely an easy way to reconnect. When Josh and I did them, I can honestly say that it rekindled all that lovey-dovey mushiness that often gets missed during every day life. We laughed (a lot!), stared at each other just a little more lovingly, and there may have been some kissing too ;)

And even though I am completely aware that relationships aren't always filled with heart doodles, oogly eyes, and chocolate, I do believe that every relationship can benefit from a little sappiness now and then. Right? I mean, you never know what a little cheesiness can lead too (wink wink)...

Plus, there’s this cute 8x10 print included too—I currently have it framed on my mantel :)

1 Corinthians 13

If you want to dig a little deeper, you can purchase a set of these conversation starters for couples to spark some deeper conversations. We’ve loved using them when we needed a little extra push to share our heart, dreams, challenges, and joys with one another :)

Have a good one, friends!