From A to Z: Letter X


Letter X, you were a bit of a pickle. How many words can you find in the Bible that start with X. Well, a few. But I couldn’t quite figure out how to have Xerxes a part of a Bible truth. Ha! So, I cheated a bit and decided that Follow Jesus’ Example would work—because it is such an important truth! Jesus lived the perfect life, obeyed God, loved others, taught others, and gave his life up; he is truly the best example to follow.

refection painting

Of all the hands-on art activities, this activity was my probably my favorite. Not only did the boys enjoy painting, but I did too. It was so simple, yet the activity illustrates that even though we can’t be a perfect copy of Jesus, we can still reflect him.

As you read the story of how Jesus washed his disciples’ feet and talk about how Jesus led by example, you can spark up a conversation or ask questions about how we can reflect Jesus.


Don’t be afraid to dig into the paints with your kiddos on this one too :)

ps. one of my favorite tips is to use a painter drop cloth as a tablecloth during messy art projects. It’s makes clean up super easy!

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Have a good one!