Explore Bible Truths Creatively from A to Z

Bible Truths from A-Z

In February (was it really that long ago!?), I started sharing a free Bible and letter learning resource with you all.

We are almost to the end—just three more letter (X, Y, Z)! I’ve absolutely loved creating, playing, and enjoying all of the resources right alongside you. It’s definitely been a lot of work behind the scenes—but good and fun work :)

verse and alphabet cards

We’ve made rainbows and lion masks, whipped up homemade play dough, and watched foam explode out a bottle. We’ve dotted and glued letters, marched around “Jericho,” sang lots of songs, and read so many Bible stories.

Over the last few months, I’ve been tidying up and revamping a lot of the resources that you’ll find for free on the blog into a more comprehensive (and might I say, cuter!) full A-Z packet for you. If you get tired of individually downloading each lesson or are looking for some extra add-ons, then purchasing this packet might be a good fit for you. Don’t worry—everything that is currently free on the blog will stay free :)


If you are deciding if it’s worth it to buy it rather than use the free version, here’s a breakdown of the basic differences:

The free version on blog includes:

  • The alphabet letter

  • Activity page

  • Simple verse cards

  • Interact and ask page

  • Letter Art

The full bundle available for purchase includes:

  • The alphabet letters

  • Alphabet Bible truth cards with read and ask cards

  • Revamped activity pages (original illustrations and fun colors!)

  • The lookbook—a photo lookbook that gives you ideas, inspiration, and examples of how families have used the resources

  • Letter Art

  • Verse cards (these are a different format and more versatile than the ones on the blog)

  • The guide—includes a supply list, extra ideas, and a quick reading guide

  • The purchase also provides 15 meals through Feed my Starving Children

Whether you continue to work through the free resources on the blog or purchase the comprehensive packet, I hope that you enjoy and are encouraged by them! It’s been an absolute joy to create and do :)

Have a good one, friends!


ps. stay tuned for the last three letters :)