From A to Z: Letter W

worship God with your whole heart

One thing I love is the diversity of worship between cultures, languages, churches, and individuals. When I lived in Guatemala for a short bit, I loved going to church and hearing and singing songs in a different language than my own. Often, the Spanish language would communicate something that English couldn’t quite express. It was truly beautiful! But worship isn’t just singing or music—it can be glorifying God through how we work, our creativity, the way we serve our families, etc.

This W lesson is about Worshipping God with our whole heart.

I’m not going to lie—this lesson was loud! But because it was loud, my boys seemed especially fond of the hands-on activity.

Letter W: Color and Kindness

This lesson includes reading about David worshipping God, making an instrument, and getting to make lots of noise and worship God. It definitely opens the door to discussing why we worship God and ways to worship Him (that is—if you can talk above the shaking of beans! Ha!)


Go have fun being loud and worshipping God!

Have a good one, friends!