From A to Z: Letter V

When I was five or sixish, I remember hearing the verse about how God knows the number of hairs on my head and finding it completely unfathomable. How was this even possible? I started counting the hairs and gave up at around 20. 

Yet, I think about the little, tiny, intimate details I know about my children because I love and adore them. You know—those details that seem to be only shared between me and them.

I find it crazy that the God of the universe knows such intimate details about me. I am Valuable to God. And we get to share this beautiful truth with our kiddos—that God values them in the deepest ways.

bird feeder

The letter V lesson was a fun one for my boys—they enjoyed making their own bird feeders and hoping to see birdies get to snack on the seeds they left out for them.

We also had the chance to talk about how God values and takes care of us :)


I hope you enjoy this lesson and that you and your kiddos are reminded of how valued and loved by God you are!

Have a good one!