From A to Z: Letter M

Letter M

If your little one is tactile, then they are going to love going through letter M. My boys are always up for activities that involve paint, glue, digging, and shaving cream ;) 

Letter M is for God Made the World. This lesson is all about exploring God's creation in a hands-on, tangible way. There's lots of sensory play (and maybe some extra messes!), but it's a fun lesson for kiddos. 

nature sensory play

The lesson includes reading the story about how God created the world, going on a hunt for God's creations, and working through the 7 days of creation in fun and interactive ways. 

You may also enjoy these resources as you do lesson M (ps. some of these are affiliate links):

Play Bird Bingo (and maybe spot some in the wild too!)--you could also make this easy DIY bird feeder :)

Pick up this adorable animal I spy book from the library or bookstore

This may be better for the younger ones--but it's a cute book about our solar system

Have a good one!