From A to Z: Letter L

Letter L Color + Kindness

Even when our kids are young, there are so many new and perhaps hard and sad situations that we need to help them navigate. As a mom, I don't always have the wisest words or the best advice. But I do know the source of the wisest words and the best guidance--God's Word. 

We have such an amazing tool to bring to the table and share with our kids. If they are afraid, we can remind them God is with them. When they struggle with sin, we can teach them about God's forgiveness and grace. When they worry, we can share with them that God cares for us. God's Word gives us hope, light, wisdom, and direction. 

Letter L Color + Kindness

The Letter L is about how God's Word Lights Our Way. 

My favorite part of this lesson is creating a special "lighted" experience with our little ones (there are a number of fun suggestions!). We chose to do a candlelit dinner and it was magical (except for the number of times I had to tell them not to blow out the candles! Ha!).

Lights our way

As you work through the letter L lesson, I hope that you have the chance to share with your children the beauty of the Bible and how much hope and light it brings to our lives. 

Have a good one!