Love Your Neighbor: Make a Paper House Town

It's time to share another resource retired from the shop. We've actually done this activity a few times because the boys really enjoy it--I love that they get out some creative energy and I can recycle boxes in a fun way ;) Plus, once their paper houses are finished, they can play cars and people in their little town. If you've got a large cardboard box or large paper laying around, you could also draw some streets, railroad tracks, parks, etc. 

paper house illustrations

I originally created this activity as a tool to talk with your kids about loving their neighbor. While you are making your paper neighborhood, ask your kids about how they can love their neighbor--next door and beyond. You never know--you may be bringing cookies to that sweet widow down the street later that afternoon ;) 

paper house illustrations

A few tips:

  • Open up cereal/snack boxes and make the inside the outside. I usually just use staples to make it back into a box shape.
  • I usually let the kids color first, then I cut everything out. We've used watercolor, markers, and crayons. 

Full disclosure: it does take a little time to cut out the windows, doors, signs, etc, but it's also an excuse to listen to your favorite podcast while you snip away :) 

paper town illustrations

I hope that you enjoy making colorful paper houses with your kids. As always, I'd love to see if you do! Just use the hashtag #colorandkindness to share :)

Have a good one friends!