From A to Z: Letter Q


So, I may be a little bias, but I *think* that letter Q may be my favorite letter yet. 

Maybe it's because the lesson involves making cookie "donuts" and because we get share the amazing truth that God's love for us never quits.

As we decorated cookies and made a gigantic mess with sprinkles (I'm still on the fence about whether baking with the kids is actually fun or not. Ha!), we read about the prodigal son. Unfortunately, between the finger licking and sprinkle dousing, there wasn't a lot of story retention, so we'll probably be reviewing the story again ;) 

So, you may be thinking--what do donut cookies, the letter Q, and the prodigal son have anything to do with one another?

letter Q donut cookies

Well, I'll tell you! The donut is a never-ending shape--it keeps going around and around and around. It's a good visual for explaining that God's love for us has no end--He loves us no matter what and we can't do anything to make Him stop loving us. 

Maybe you're not friends with your mixer--you could also make apple slices into donut shapes, use bagels, or just grab some donuts at the store. 

I hope that you enjoy learning about letter Q as much as we did. Remember, if you do the lesson, be sure to tag #colorandkindness so we can see what you're up too!

Have a good one friends!


Color and Kindness Alphabet cards

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