From A to Z: Letter P

Letter P Color and Kindness

When my first-born was a tiny babe, I spent countless hours nursing him in the middle of the night--sitting on a soft, vintage rocker and feeling like I was the only one awake in the universe. Maybe you've been there too? 

These moments were the moments that I whispered prayers over my new sweet boy--it felt sacred and sweet to talk to God about my son. Although I was exhausted, I often looked forward to those nightly feedings because it felt like such an intimate time between me and God.

Prayer is perhaps one of the first spiritual things you teach or model to your child--you may pray with them at night, at the dinner table, or after a moment of discipline. When you hear your little one say a prayer for the first time, it melts your heart into a puddle of joy. 

Prayer really is such a gift that God gives us--and what a gift it is to teach our kids that God listens to our prayers and wants to talk with us! 

Letter P's Bible truth is we can talk to God with prayer.

This lesson is very simple and low-key. You get to read about how Jesus taught others to pray and make an easy paper prayer chain. We are looking forward to using ours at bedtime or mealtime as a visual reminder to pray and give thanks.

Have a good one!