Project: Bible Character Peg Dolls

Bible character set

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Did you know that Noah's ark has boosters? Or that Jericho may have been build with magnetic tiles? Or that Jesus' disciples were sleeping in a giant heap on the night Jesus was arrested?

According to my four-year-old, these were all viable possibilities as he played and imagined with our set of Bible character peg dolls we had painted.

Bible character peg dolls: a simple project

I wanted to create something we could use to play and act-out the Bible stories that we are learning. So, I picked up some peg dolls from Michaels (although these ones are actually much cheaper), grabbed some brushes, and picked out some paint (we used acrylic, but you could use tempura too). 

We kept the clothes pretty simple and didn't create any specific characters apart from Jesus. Luke and I painted their "outfits," and I finished off their hair and faces. It was actually a much simpler project than I anticipated. It only took about an hour to finish them up and start playing. However, I quickly realized that painting peg dolls will definitely not be my next side hustle. Ha!

After they had dried and got their faces on, we had fun setting up some Bible scenes. 

Noah's ark
Jonah and the big fish

We made Noah's ark, the walls of Jericho, Jonah and the big fish, and Jesus teaching to the crowd. It was fun to watch him create, build, and imagine the stories he knew with everyday objects like magnetic tiles, duplos, rocks, plants, and plastic animals. You could also use wooden blocks, play dough, legos, Lincoln logs--so many possibilities! 

walls of jericho

So, if you are looking for a simple project that you can use for playing and teaching, try making your own set of Bible character peg dolls.  You can also purchase some pretty adorable sets like this one or this one if making your own isn't your thing :) 

Have a good one!