From A to Z: Letter E

Letter E: Color and Kindness

Remember the days when snail mail was the only way you could send someone a letter? I still remember getting sweet letters at camp, exchanging letters with my friends during college, and writing lots of love letters to my now-hubby while we were dating long distance. 

As much as we enjoy getting a good, old fashioned letter, you can imagine how much a letter strengthened and encouraged the early church--and they still encourage us!

The Letter E's big idea is Encourage One Other

Letter E: Encourage one another, Color + Kindness, Alpahabet Print

This lesson is about the letters the early church exchanged, making snail mail cards (and sending them!), "stamping" letters, and encouraging your local postman. 

Letter E: Color and Kindness

I don't know about you, but I can always use a little reminder (and perhaps a little push) to take a few extra steps to encourage someone--maybe through a letter, a quick phone call, a text, or face-to-face. 

As you chat about letters and encouragement, here are some other resources you may enjoy (ps. some of these are affiliate links)

Mr Postmouse's Rounds
  • Print + color some coloring cards from the shop--blank + thank you cards
  • Check out Mr. Postmouse's Rounds from your local library or bookstore. We took it home in our library haul and it really is so cute (and the illustrations had us laughing and pouring over the page for a long time)
  • If you want to set up some dramatic play, this is so adorable! 

Have a good one!