On the Bookshelf: Baby Wren and the Great Gift


Right now, my boys are out building snow castles and eating their fair share of dirty snow while I'm cozy inside with the sunshine and a bit of quiet (amen, right?) 

It's not quite spring here, but I am getting glimpses of it--the cold isn't so frigid, the birds are singing a bit more, and the snow is melting (for now) into mushy puddles. 

As the first day of spring approaches, I'm making a list of all the activities we can do and make once it gets a tad warmer: start seedlings for the garden, make little bird feeders, make mud pies, and take walks to the park. 

Since I have spring on my mind, when we went to the library last week, I picked up the sweetest little book that reminds me of spring. I had read the book before, so I was excited to bring it home and reread it again with the boys. 


Baby Wren and the Great Giftis a book by Sally Loyd-Jones about a little bird who is searching for her gift/place in the world. Finally, after meeting many other animals, she learns what her gift is. The writing is lyrical and has repeated verses (which helps build the story for kids) and the illustrations are so lovely and beautiful. This book is wonderful for talking about how God has made everyone (and everything) unique and with a purpose. 

Since it is almost spring (right?), maybe it is a good time to whip us some little bird feeders for all those sweet birds singing their songs. Or, in our case, give the squirrels something new to eat ;) 

DIY Bird feeder

You can download and print this cute little DIY bird feeder instructions if you'd like to make your own. Once I can hunt down a pinecone, we'll be making some for our little birdies too.

Happy Thursday, friends!



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