From A to Z: Letter B


Onto the next letter!

Letter B's Bible truth is Bear with One Another and Forgive Each Other. I don't know about you, but I definitely need this Bible truth as a daily reminder ;) 


This lesson includes making an adorable bear puppet, reading the story about Joseph, and giving great big bear hugs.

After we made our puppets, the puppet inspiration kept on coming and we soon had a band of puppets (robots, spiders, and tigers). Later, Luke declared they were all Joseph's brothers and we acted out some of the story. It did get a little interesting when the spider puppet turned into to Pharaoh--at least we are learning the main characters, right?


Go have fun! We'd love to see all your adorable bears or other fun ways you are using the pack, just tag us and use the hashtag #colorandkindness

-- Nicole