On the Bookshelf: Bible Infographics for Kids

bible infographics for kids

You know those books that you buy and maybe (just maybe?) you end up enjoying or appreciating it more than your kids?

Well, this is one* of those books.

Of course, my oldest still likes to look through it, but my husband and I have loved reading through it and learning more about the Bible. I’ve definitely learned some new things!

It’s geared a little more for older kids (I’d say 7 or older would enjoy it best), but we enjoy reading a page or two at night with our our kids or using it to add some interesting facts to a story we are learning. For example, we’ve looked at the visuals about how big Noah’s ark was when we learned about Noah or learned fun scientific facts related to creation (like how fast the earth is moving around the sun). My oldest loves to learn about science and facts—so he gobbles it all up (even though he probably doesn’t understand it all).


If you are looking for a neat reference book with lots of interesting facts and cool visuals, I’d highly recommend this book to add to your bookshelf. Even if your kiddos are younger, I bet you’ll learn something new related to the Bible too!

Have a good one!


*affiliate link (check out my disclosure for more info)