From A to Z: Letter G

Letter G: Bible Truths Creatively

A few days ago, I walked into our back room and found my oldest son lining up 8 or so glasses on the floor with murky brown water. I calmly asked him what he was doing (since I couldn't figure out why the water was brown) and he bashfully told me he was making sugar pop. I looked over at the couch and discovered that he had opened up the brown sugar on the couch--and there was a huge mess of brown sugar, water, measuring cups, and spoons.

I could tell he was nervous about getting into big trouble, and to be honest, I was far from thrilled that there was brown sugar all over the couch. I also knew (because I was like him as a kid) that he was simply trying to experiment and play--not damage the couch. 

I decided to give him grace instead of harsh consequences in this moment. We still chatted about how the couch was not the best place to mix water and brown sugar, and I knew by his honest nodding and humble attitude that he understood that it wasn't the best idea. But I think he was also surprised that he didn't get into trouble.

Where I gave my son a tiny glimpse of grace (grace simply means that he didn't get what he deserved), God gives us unmeasurable and unmatchable grace. 

Letter G: grace

The letter G is all about how God Give us Grace. 

In this lesson, we read how Saul became Paul, do a simple experiment to demonstrate how grace covers sin, and talk about what grace means. 

letter g

My hope is that this lesson provides a launching point to share the gospel with your little ones and all the good news it brings! 

Have a good one!