On the Bookshelf: The Big Book of Bugs

Here in Minnesota, we are smack dab in the middle of winter. Although many parts of winter are draining (like zipping up winter jackets over and over, squishing little feet into boots, spending 25 minutes looking for a lost mitten, and days of grey skies), I do love that winter affords me the excuse to stay home a little more and get cozy. One winter rhythm we have is daily snuggle and reading time on the couch. We often find ourselves there after afternoon naps and snacks -- or maybe after I've called in the troops when the noise level enters into crazy-loud territory ;) We gather under the warm blankets and the boys grab some of their favorite books.


Recently, the book my oldest has been reaching for over and over to read is The Big Book of Bugs by Yuval Zommer* Although it's a hefty book, it's one that I certainly don't mind reading. The illustrations are beautiful and the bug facts included are interesting, but sometimes a little more than I want to know about dust mites and centipedes--ha! My four-year-old always gets a kick out of the dung beetle rolling poo ;)


I also love to use this book as a conversation starter for talking about the intricate and amazing ways that God put together nature. I find myself often saying "Wow! God made that bug super cool!" Even though we've looked through and read this book over and over, something surprises me or reminds me of God's character every time we flip it open.


I look forward to referencing it this spring when more of the creepy crawlies come out, and the boys can go bug hunting, dirt digging, and nature exploring. In the meantime, we'll keep enjoying our bug book during reading time and maybe pulling out some butterfly and caterpillar craft mats to remind us that spring is coming. Maybe you need a little spring in your days too? If you do, download these prints for a some afternoon fun. Decorate them with craft supplies, use them as a play dough mat, add fabric for texture, etc--just have fun :) 


Have a good one, friends!

-- Nicole 

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