It all began with a donut...

As do all good things, right? In September of 2016, I was washing dishes (where I seem to have about 95% of my ideas and spend 95% of my time!) and had an idea about a gigantic donut printable. It felt like a goofy idea, but that goofy idea sparked one idea into another. Before I knew it, I was dreaming about outer space and drawing digital fruit. Shortly after, I opened the Color + Kindness shop. 

I named it Color + Kindness because not only did I want the shop to have creative and colorful products, but also because I wanted kindness and generosity to be a vital part of the business. I truly believe that together small acts of kindness can impact people's lives in big ways. So, the hashtag #feedcreatively was born and together we've fed 21 kids (and counting!) for an entire year through Feed My Starving Children.

As a mom, I love creating products that are hands-on for my little ones and also provide an avenue to talk to my kids about Jesus. We've had many meaningful conversations as we've colored, glued pom-poms on paper crowns, and explored our little backyard. My hope is they they are fun, interactive, and playful for your family too!

Although designing, creating, and dreaming up new ideas is such a joy, my biggest joy is being a mom to my sweet, busy boys. They are my best inspiration and my cutest product testers. 

Beyond the shop, I wanted to provide more free resources and content for families looking for creative and engaging ways to spark conversations about Jesus and just simply connect, play, and grow :) My hope is that you find inspiration, encouragement, and fresh ideas in this space.

I'm glad you're here.

-- Nicole