From A to Z: Letter A


Yay for the first letter to explore creatively!

Letter A is all about how God ALWAYS keeps His promises. Isn't that such good news that we can share with our children? We talked about how God is faithful and promises to help us, never leave us, and always love us. 

Letter A Bible Truth

This lesson includes making a cute paper rainbow and talking about God's promises, reading the story of Noah's ark, and painting raindrops. 

We've started putting the prints and some of the finished art work into plastic sleeves, so we can go back and look over what we've done. 


If you'd like to add some more activities or resources to this lesson, here are some other resources you might like (some of these are affiliate links--learn more about that here)


Go have fun! We'd love to see all your rainbows or ways you are using the pack, just tag us and use the hashtag #colorandkindness

-- Nicole